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Career Counseling

Alumni may utilize Career Counseling for up to a year after their graduation.

Transferring and new students are encouraged to visit with a Career Counselor before seeing an academic advisor if they are unsure of a course of study or have career-related concerns.

Use Choices, our online self assessment test.

Career Counseling FAQ

What does a Career Counselor do?

  • A Career Counselor helps students to develop a career/life plan. This includes career assessment (interest, ability, values, personality/temperment, and lifestyle evaluation), counseling, and decision-making. Also, a Career Counselor can serve as a coach for job search skills such as resume writing, interviewing, and job-readiness.

Do I have to be counseled?

  • No, however we do recommend speaking directly with a Career Counselor to help guide you through the career development process. If you are unable to meet with a Career Counselor we have printed materials as well as self-guided computer programs available in our office.

What is a computer-guidance program?

  • Computer-guidance programs are designed to help a person evaluate their career options in terms of where they are and how to get where they want to be. Most programs allow a person to assess interests, abilities, and values to suggest different careers which might fit. Also, they usually provide current information about the career choices in terms of training, outlook, salaries, physical requirements, and skills needed.

If I get a degree in a certain field, can you tell me what careers I can do with it?

  • We use a program called Choices which is capable of giving you information about occupations associated with your degree. We also have a list on our website, What Can I Do With A Major In…

I need help with my resume, what can I do?

  • Just give us a call 361-825-2628. We can schedule an appointment with your career counselor to review your resume (be sure you are registered on the HireAnIslander database first!). We can not guarantee that your resume will get you the job, but we can promise that it will give you a better chance!

Who is my Career Counselor?