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Did you know your clothing choice for that upcoming interview or career fair really does matter? Whether it's right or not, first impressions can make or break a candidate's chances in landing their dream job and the clothing you choose has the potential to impact others' perceptions of you. If you're ever unsure about a clothing choice, don't hesitate to stop by Career Services for advice.

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Dress for Sucess

Do you need professional clothes for an upcoming career fair, interview, or networking event? Clothing from Izzy’s Career Closet can be rented for many career-related purposes. We carry a variety of professional dress items including suits and suit separates for all genders.

To borrow clothing, please visit Career Services UC 304 during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm) and ask to see what clothing options are available. Certain clothing items include suit jackets, slacks, and dress skirts, will be available for check-out.

Items you may find in Izzy's Career Closet:

  • Suits
  • Skirts
  • Pants
  • Jackets/Sport Coats
  • Ties
  • Belts
  • Cardigans or Sweater Sets

Please note that we cannot guarantee the size or type of clothing you need will be in stock. Clothing can be rented for a maximum of seven days. 

What to Wear

Your outfit choice for an interview or typical work day will vary based on industry and even company. The traditional recommendation is to wear conservative colors, like gray, black, or charcoal; however, other industries may embrace brighter colors or more informal attire. In most cases, however, you will be better off dressing professionally than being underdressed. We urge you do your research on your specific industry and organization. For example, for jobs in finance, the traditional attire tends to be more appropriate; however, if you're interviewing at a gallery or a start-up tech company, you may be better off wearing something more casual.

Dress Tips for Men

  • Single or double-breasted suit in small pinstripe or solid shades of navy or charcoal gray.

  • Shirts: Light colors, starched cotton. Non-button down collar and long sleeves.

  • Shoes: Well-polished, black or brown leather lace-up wingtip or slip-on dress shoes.

  • Ties: Solid, thin striped, or small geometric print. Bottom of tie should meet the belt line.

  • Accessories: Long, dark socks in solid dark color that complements suit. No jewelry besides wedding band and watch.

Dress Tips for Women

  • Suit or tailored dress in solid shades of navy, gray, or black with skirts hemmed above the knee. May also wear pant suit.

  • Blouses: White or pastel colors. Silk, cotton, or polyester material with long sleeves and conservative neckline.

  • Polished, closed toe shoes with low heels.

  • Accessories: Subtle makeup. Nails should be neat with no polish or a clear neutral color. One ring per hand with exception of wedding set. Avoid carrying a purse if holding a briefcase or portfolio.

Current Students are welcome to rent for free men and women's professional attrire from Izzy's Career Closet in Career Services UC room 304