Student Intern Endowed Scholarship

Student Intern Endowed Scholarship (awards are between $500-$1,000)

** Notice: If you were awarded a Scholarship. It will be applied to your SAIL Account 

Eligibility Requirements 

 1) Minimum 2.5 GPA

 2) Must be currently enrolled at TAMUCC for at least 3 semester credit hours during time of internship

 3) Completed application.

 4) Email to letter of recommendation recommendation from faculty member or former supervisor.

  • Subject line format: First Name Last Name - Scholarship Letter of Recommendation 
  • Example: "John Doe - Scholarship Letter of Recommendation"

Things to have ready before you start filling out the scholarship form.

1) Summary of how this opportunity will benefit you. (200-500 characters)

2) List any expenses such as Tuition, Fees, Travel, and Living Expenses

3) List of all income during the internship, Wage, Stipend, Living Expense Income, Travel Expense Income, etc

4) Essay describing your internship, job duties, number of hours, location (250-500 words)


Student Intern Endowed Scholarship Application 

Remember your application will not be considered complete until we receive a letter of recommendation from a faculty member in your major or former supervisor. 

Priority Deadlines

  • Summer deadline- May 1st 

  • Fall deadline - August 1st 

  • Spring deadline - December 1st