Student Internship Information

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Internship FAQ for Students:

Why should I do an internship?

  • Gain marketable experience in your field that will help you as a candidate for jobs in the future
  • Obtain meaningful work experience in your field.
  • Build transferable skills for your resume
  • Many internships are paid, and can help you financially
  • Build your professional network
  • Strengthen confidence, maturity, and professionalism.
  • Establish professional references.
  • Evaluate employers prior to accepting full-time work.
  • Gain academic credit (depending on your major and individual circumstances)

How do I get started?

1.    Create an account on Hire an Islander. This will allow you to search and apply for internships on and off campus, as well as get emails about new internship opportunities

2.    Have your resume reviewed. Meet with a career services’ career counselor to ensure your resume is effective before you stay applying

3.    Do your research. Explore companies in the area that you are interested in and inquire to see if they have an internship program.

4.    Consider your schedule. Make sure you have time to manage an internship along with classes, jobs, clubs, social life and any other commitments

5.    Plan ahead! Don’t wait to start looking for an internship. Allow yourself at least a semester to research and apply prior to starting an internship

How do I find an internship?

1.    Check Hire an Islander and other job search websites every day for new opportunities.

2.    Attend events held on campus that include employers in your field. Bring your resume and dress professionally.

3.    Utilize the network you have. Let your friends and family know you are looking for an internship.

4.    Meet with the internship coordinator. If you’re having trouble getting starts or knowing where to look, the internship coordinator at career services can help answer questions and provide resources.

When should I do an internship?

It’s best to get started early researching companies and targeting specific areas of interest. Most employers want students who have begun classes specific to their field (juniors and seniors) but some are open to freshman and sophomores. When you do an internship is dependent upon your knowledge of the field, schedule limitations and personal goals.

What if I don’t know what I want to do for a career?

While internships can help you limit down your career interests, they’re most effective if you have a general idea of what you want for your future. Meet with a career counselor first to explore careers, your interests and your skills before pursuing internships.

What will Career Services offer to your intern experience?

Career Services regularly conducts site visits to evaluate any risks associated with the internship and ensure a quality experience for the student. 

Student Eligibility & Academic Credit

Internship positions are available to all TAMU-CC students and subject to employer requirements. However, individual colleges within the university assign criteria for receipt of academic credit and employers are not eligible to offer academic credit to students. You can only receive credit through the university. You will receive assistance understanding credit requirements from Career Services and your academic advisor. Application for credit will be through the college of your major. To receive course credit approval for an internship, you must contact your academic advisor and register for credit prior to the beginning of the semester.

Transcript Service

If you are not doing an internship for credit, but still want documented proof of the experience, talk with your career services staff ASAP. It’s possible to have your internship noted on your transcript.

After You’re Hired

  • Always update Career Services on where you were hired whether you’re receiving academic credit or not.
  • Colleges within TAMU-CC have varying requirements for receipt of internship credit. Your academic advisor will guide you through approval of learning objectives, oversight of academic requirements, and assignment of credit.
  •  If you have issues or questions during your internship experience, contact the internship coordinator with career services for assistance and support.

Endowment Scholarship for Interns      

The Student Endowment Fund Internship Scholarship is available to TAMUCC students pursuing a paid or unpaid internship.

Please click here for more information & to apply.