National Student Employment Week

Nomination guidelines and rubric for SEOTY 2020

Nomination form for SEOTY 2020

2020 Nominations for National Student Employee of the Year will be judged on the

8 NACE Core Competencies:
• Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
• Oral/Written Communications
• Teamwork/Collaboration
• Digital Technology
• Leadership
• Professionalism/Work Ethic
• Career Management
• Global/Intercultural Fluency


2018–2019 Student Employee of the Year


Cathryn Martinez (left, the 1st runner up) Navya Reddy Velverthi (center, winner) Joe Velasquez (right, 2nd runner up)

  • This is part of Navya's supervisor had to say about her: She has an exceptionally positive attitude and willingness to do what is asked of her, even though the work might be beyond her experience or capability.  She is a very patient, caring and kind person, with great communication skills and a strong work ethic.
  • Navya is Student Employee of the Year for 2019 from the College of Business Decision Sciences and Economics

Runner up include:

  • Cathryn Martinez nominated by Career Services
  • Joe Velasquez nominated by University College