National Student Employment Week

Nomination guidelines and rubric for SEOTY 2020

Nomination form for SEOTY 2020

2020 Nominations for National Student Employee of the Year will be judged on the

8 NACE Core Competencies:
• Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
• Oral/Written Communications
• Teamwork/Collaboration
• Digital Technology
• Leadership
• Professionalism/Work Ethic
• Career Management
• Global/Intercultural Fluency


2018–2019 Student Employee of the Year


Cathryn Martinez (left, the 1st runner up) Navya Reddy Velverthi (center, winner) Joe Velasquez (right, 2nd runner up)

  • This is part of Navya's supervisor had to say about her: She has an exceptionally positive attitude and willingness to do what is asked of her, even though the work might be beyond her experience or capability.  She is a very patient, caring and kind person, with great communication skills and a strong work ethic.
  • Navya is Student Employee of the Year for 2019 from the College of Business Decision Sciences and Economics

Runner up include:

  • Cathryn Martinez nominated by Career Services
  • Joe Velasquez nominated by University College

2017–2018 Student Employee of the Year, Kathryn Hamilton


Kathryn Hamilton (right, winner)  Anyssa Villanueva (left, 1st runner up) Ernesto Hurtado (center, 2nd runner up)  
  • This is part of Kathryn's supervisor had this to say about her: Kathryn has truly created a positive team atmosphere for our student employees by going above and beyond the expectation outlined in her job description. When a new student employee hired, she routinely adjusts her entire schedule to align her work with theirs to ensure they are properly trained and on-boarded.
  • Kathryn is a Senior Biomedical Sciences Pre-Professional Major.

Runner up include:

  • Anyssa Villanueva nominated by Senior Biomedical Sciences Pre-Professional Major.
  • Ernesto Hurtado nominated by Senior Nursing and Health Sciences. 

2016–2017 Student Employee of the Year, Stephanie Zook


Stephanie Zook (center, winner)  Emalee Keim (left, 1st runner up) Gypsie Alvarado (right, 2nd runner up)  
  • This is part of what Stephanie's Supervisor had this to say about her: She is a hardworking dedicated young woman, mature beyond her years. She can stop into many roles in your office and often does. But whatever she is doing we can always depend on her to be professional, both in person, on the phone and as face of office on web. She knows we have a standard to uphold in our office and she always goes "above and beyond " what is expected. She will be graduating this semester and she is really going to be missed.
  • Stephanie is a senior getting BBA Major in Management with a concentration in Human Recourses Management. 

Runners up include:

  • Emalee Keim nominated by Honors Program, Ssophomore getting her Bachelor in Science, Ffirst runner up.
  • Gypsie Alvardo nominated by Center for Academic Student Achievement, Bachelor in Science and Engineering, Second runner up.

2015–2016 Student Employee of the Year, Maricruz Alvarado


Maricruz Alvarado (second from left, winner)  Austin Blase (not in picture, 1st runner up) Emerald Lopez (left, 2nd runner up) Eric Romero (right, 2nd runner up)  Nicolas Jung (second from right, 2nd runner up)
  • This student's supervisor had this to say about her: From day one , she has proved herself reliable beyond compare arriving to work prior to her scheduled time and always willing to stay to ensure coverage of the phones or e-mails to ensure that our current and potential clients receive the extraordinary cutomer service expected of our department.

Runners up include:

  • Austin Blase nominated by Hector Duarte, First Runner up
  • Eric Romero nominated by Johnathan payne, Second Runner up
  • Emerald Lopez nominated by Sara Lopez, Second Runner up
  • Nicolas Jung nominated by Ricardo Reyes, Second Runner up

2014–2015 Student Employee of the Year, Melody Jacobo


 Melody Jacobo (center, winner)  Marizruz Alvarado (right, 1st runner up) Kristi Rogers (left, 2nd runner up) 

  • Melody's supervisor said, "Melody arrives to work on time and always has a smile on her face. She goes out of her way to help students. She understands what our division and department offers and makes every effort to communicate this to her peers.  She is respected by the staff and student workers. Student workers turn to her because they know they can rely on her to be straight forward and be correct.  

Runners up include:

  • Maricruz Alvarado, First runner up – received $75 on his SandDollar$ card.
  • Kristi Rogers, Second runner up – received $50 on her SandDollar$ card.

2013–2014 Student Employee of the Year, Josh Richards

seoty 3.JPG

Josh Richards (right, winner), Bryan Baker (center, 1st runner up), Barbara Brantley (left, 2nd runner up)

  • Josh's supervisor said, " Josh needs little guidance from me as his supervisor and can always be counted on by other employees and students for assistance. He has demonstrated his ability to go above and beyond to assist our staff and the students who utilize our department's services. He inherited a complex student tracking system and was tasked with improving the platform and maintains the aging software. He often did research on his own time to develop and maintain the system. When the hardware gave out, he was instrumental in locating and choosing a replacement product.  He received $100 on his SandDollar$ card.

Runners up include:

  • Bryan Baker, First runner up – received $75 on his SandDollar$ card.
  • Barbara Brantley, Second runner up – received $50 on her SandDollar$ card.

2012 – 2013 Student Employee of the Year, Alan Briseno


Alan Briseno (center, winner), Ariel Evans (right, 1st runner up), Alton Kimber (left, 2nd runner up)

  • Alan's supervisor said, "Alan is a bright, dedicated young man with a strong work ethic that has created an extraordinary work history with CASA.  His reputation as a faithful and reliable employee only begins to describe his work with our organization.  Alan is self-motivated and committed to completing all his tasks with great pride and ability."  He received $100 on his SandDollar$ card.

Runners up include:

  • Ariel Evans, First runner up – She received $75 on her SandDollar$ card.
  • Alton Kimber, Second runner up – He received $50 on his SandDollar$ card.

2011 – 2012 Student Employee of the Year, Jose Chica


Jose Chica (winner), Patricia Malate (1st runner up), Cassondra Casanova (2nd runner up)

Jose Chica, a junior computer science major, has been named the 2011-2012 University Student Employee of the Year. Chica, who works for Camden Miramar Apartments, received $100 on his SandDollar$ card. His name will be added to the perpetual plaque located in Career Services.

Runners up include:

  • Patricia Malate, First runner up –received $75 on her SandDollar$ card.
  • Cassondra Casanova, Second runner up –received $50 on her SandDollar$ card.

2010 – 2011 Student Employee of the Year, Christina Ellard

2010 – 2011 Student Employee of the Year

Katie Aleman (left, 2nd Runner Up) Christina Ellard (center, winner) Amanda ‘Mandi’ Haynes (right, 1st Runner up)

  • Christina began working for the Education Department in October of 2008. She consistently goes above and beyond as the norm and is a huge asset to the Department. ‘Chrissy’ continues to aid in the high demand of needs every time she is in the office. She takes her commitment to the program seriously and has made herself a dependable member of the department. Chrissy constantly presents a calm and caring demeanor to all and is polite, respectful and very personable. In one word, her quality of work is “Flawless!” 

2009 – 2010 Student Employee of the Year, Ashley Smith

2009 – 2010 Student Employee of the Year

Ashley Smith

  • Ashley has been lauded for her contributions to this university and is described as one whom we can all be proud of and encourage! What makes Ashley really stand apart from all other candidates is her genuine personality and concern for her students. She has always been a shining example as a student for her cohorts and as a peer to her fellow workers. Best of all, Ashley was able to maintain a high GPA throughout her work with the University and has been commended on her attention to detail and initiative. 

2008–2009 Student Employee of the Year, Miranda Debord

2009 – 2008 Student Employee of the Year

Miranda Debord

  • Miranda’s quality of work and ability to multi-task is amazing. Her attention to detail is incredible. She has learned the key elements of each of the fifteen degree programs in the college to accurately file and process the multitude of documents that come through the college daily. She also understands the importance of filling the paperwork not only in the correct file, but also in the appropriate order within each file. She knows if paperwork is misfiled, it can have serious consequences to our students and department. She has always maintained a high level of quality in her work while staying current with her numerous assigned tasks. 

2007–2008 Student Employee of the Year, Salena Armendarez

2008 – 2007 Student Employee of the Year

Salena Armendarez

  • Selena has worked in our office where she excelled in all aspects of her job that are important. She was ready and willing to tackle any project large or small as if it was her own personal mission. She was also gracious enough to volunteer during the Barbara Jordan Awards last year. I strongly support this nomination for the Student of the Year Award. 

2006–2007 Student Employee of the Year, Tanya Lopez

2007 – 2006 Student Employee of the Year

Tanya Lopez

  • Tanya is an asset to the entire Student Activities Staff. It is difficult to describe how well Tanya completes her assignments. She is very detail oriented and makes sure everything is neat, organized and easy to understand. She is always the first one professional staff members turn to for a project, because we know that she will exceed expectations. 

2005–2006 Student Employee of the Year, Lori Balerio

2006 – 2005 Student Employee of the Year

Lori Balerio

  • The quality of Lori’s work is always beyond reproach and she is able to “get it right” the first time around in almost every situation. She is very conscientious and understands the concept that perception is everything – therefore, she takes the time to make sure that her work and her presentations are polished and cannot be challenged. 

2004–2005 Student Employee of the Year, Michelle Cintron

2005 – 2004 Student Employee of the Year

Michelle Cintron

  • Michelle defines student leadership with her work in the Calling Center and her belief in the mission of TAMU _ CC. She attends many Basket Ball Games as an avid supporter of Islander Athletics. She has inspired her friends, intrigued her colleges and has made a significant impact on our campus…and our lives. She deserves to be considered for this award. Even if she is not chosen, she will continue to represent the University to the greatest capacity. We can’t wait to see the success that awaits her in the future! 

2003–2004Student Employee of the Year, Ryan Fikes

2004 – 2003 Student Employee of the Year

Ryan Fikes

  • Everything that Ryan is and has done exemplifies excellence. He carries a full load in difficult fields of study. He always works at least two jobs, he is a leader in several associations and group, and he volunteers for additional activities.


According to Sharon Herrera, This was their first year for Texas A&M – Corpus Christi to nominate a Student Employee of the Year. Ryan was selected from 19 campus nominees. He was nominated by Gretchen Arnold of Community Outreach.