I Got Into Graduate School!



Name: Bernice Saucedo Rubio

Major: Business Administration

Graduation: 2007

Story: I graduated in 2007, then attended a certification program to get my teaching certificate. I started teaching Special Education in August of 2008. This year I am entering my fourth year of teaching and I love it! Being a single parent this was a long hard battle. I was working forty hours a week, then attend night classes four nights a week. I attended one of A&M’s Career Fairs and actually got three job offers for teaching out of town! But my heart was here in Corpus so I joined Mathis ISD to get some experience, the two years later I joined CCISD. Texas A&M was like my second home. I started my master program about two years ago and hope to get back on track with that. Completing school in my forties I hope to be an example to my daughters. As I tell them, it’s never to late to go to school!

Advice: I always tell my daughters, “We create our destiny by the choices we make today”, and education is one choice that can only make our future better. I finished school when I was 47, my choice was either turn 47 and not have a degree, or turn 47 with a degree! I stumbled, dropped classes that scared me, but I always tried again.


Name: Ezra Kuenzi

Major: Finance

Graduation: 2007

Story: Thanks to the Career Services staff at TAMU-CC, I was accepted at several law schools. The Career Services staff at TAMU-CC was very helpful in looking over my applications and helping me create a resume. Their insight and guidance helped make me a competitive applicant in applying for law school. I am currently a 1L at Texas Tech University School of Law! Thanks again TAMU-CC Career Services staff for all of your help!

Advice: Utilize the services that TAMU-CC offers. You will put yourself ahead of the game whether you are looking to get into graduate school or looking for the perfect career opportunity.