I Got The Internship!

Name: Minh

Major: Master of Business Administration

Graduation: Dec 2012

Story: Thanks to Patricia, I finally got an internship. Her advice is very helpful and sincere.

Advice: You should go see your counselor to review your resume.



Name: Joshua Lowry

Major: Computer Science

Graduation: 2009 
Story: I never thought as a Sophomore that I would be selected for an internship. By going to career fairs, presentations, and the business etiquette dinner I was able to meet and converse with the recruiters at ExxonMobil. The career counselors at Career Services helped me structure my resume to highlight my skills, and they even helped me with the interviewing process by doing a mock interview. Before I knew it I was interviewing with a recruiter. Without the help of career services I would not have had this opportunity.

Advice: Always remember that going to school is not supposed to be easy, and when it is it means that you are not being challenged. Pursuing this challenge is a key to success, and will help you later. Visit the Career Services office for information on how to get an internship, and start applying early. Don’t forget to participate in the fairs, because simply getting your name out to the recruiters helps in the long run.



Name: Tiffany Herrera

Major: Bio Medical Sciences
Graduation: May 2009

Story: I heard about the Summer Medical Dental Education Program at University of Houston Medical School from my advisor Dr. Chopin. I didn’t know what to include on a resume for an internship so I went to Career Services and asked for help. They not only helped with my resume, but they gave me pointes on the application and the interview. I had a great internship, and gained some invaluable experience.

Advice: Start looking for internships when you are a freshman. Try to do one every summer until you graduate. Be sure to go to the Career Center and ask about intern opportunities. If you have any questions about your resume or the interview process, be sure to talk to them about it. They are so helpful.