I Got The Job!

Major: Biology

Graduation: Spring 2019

Story: I've been attending TAMUCC since last semester and I was working an off campus job. This semester I decided to focus more of my efforts on school and the community. I applied for several on campus positions and as of yesterday I got a position at the University Center! This is a big deal as it gives me more time to focus on school and really incorporating myself into the TAMUCC culture.

Advice: My advice would be to reach out and make connections on campus. There are a ton of resources available here and the best thing you can do for yourself is just to take advantage of them.

Name: Morgan Terrace-Kaiser

Major: Theatre

Graduation: June 2017

Story: I have had a job since I was 14 years old so going into college it was something that was inbred into me to have. I was prepared to get on Craigslist and struggle through job listings in Corpus, while living in Austin. Then I went to NSO and found out that TAMUCC offers the greatest resource ever, the Hire An Islander website. I registered right away and had my resume verified. The website made it so easy to access all the applications I needed to fill out along with really easy to use job listings. I preferred to have an on-campus type job but I ended up finding an amazing tutoring job that will help me be of service to the community. I am so thankful that my school is so helpful to students like this.

Advice: Don't say "I can't find a job" your words have more power than you think.  Start applying as soon as possible, DON'T put it off!  Don't just go for the most high paying position, look for a job where you can be of service to others because in the end it will be much more satisfying. 
Contact Sharon, she is AWESOME.


Major: Physical Therapy

Graduation: May 2014

Story: I came to career services everyday to find a job and never gave up. I was confident and determined to get a job on campus. Once I got called for an interview I got excited and was prepared. I was myself and answered every question respectfully and to the best of my knowledge. I was happy when i found out that I got the job because there was other applicants who applied. I love my position and im grateful to be working on campus.

Advice: Stay focused, confident, and never give up.


Name: Krista Vasquez

Major: Nursing

Graduation: May 2010

Story: One year ago I was about to start my freshman year in summer classes. I heard about Career Services through a friend so I decided to register. Within the week that I registered I found a job on campus. Working on campus has made my college schedule so much easier than if I were to find any other part-time job. I am able to work a few hours every day in between my classes and I never have to worry about working late because the offices close around five o’clock. Since working at Career Services I have also learned about building a resume, interview tips, and how to present myself around job recruiters. I am so grateful to have this job and the administrators are very helpful.

Advice: If you check the new job postings daily you will find the job that you are looking for.


Name: Mercedes Falcon

Major: Biomedical Science

Graduation: May 2009

Story: After experiencing my first year of college, I decided that I needed to finally get a job. Trying to make ends meet with rent and other living expenses became really difficult so I decided to visit the Career Services office. I met with Sara and told her my situation and she was very helpful. Luckily, Career Services was hiring for the summer so I asked for the job referral and was hired! I’ve been working here for almost two years.

Advice: My advice for students looking for a part-time job would be to definitely utilize the Career Services office and website. On-Campus jobs are ideal for any student who has a busy schedule and is in need of some extra money. TAMU-CC employers are very flexible with school schedules and are compassionate regarding the many stresses of college.


Name: Kirk Greer

Major: Finance

Graduation: May 2007

Story: I registered with the Career Services Team at TAMU-CC and right away I was very excited about all the jobs that were available. I followed up on a job opportunity with a company called Fastenal. They are an industrial and construction supply company and I had no experience in the field in my entire life. I went to a series of interviews and got a call back with a part-time job offer and I took it. I’ve been with the company since November of 2006 and the way to go at first is part-time. I was able to learn the business, get the basic knowledge of the day to day in my head, and it really gives you the opportunity to hit the ground running when the time is right to go full-time. 

Advice: I would advise anyone that are still in school to go part time if it is available because it gives you the experience you need to take the next step. I am really excited about my job and am already advancing in the company. Give career services a shot….I did!

Major: MSc Accounting

Graduation: December 2018

Story: Being international, coming to the United States, I was really concerned about getting a job as a result of the fact that my country is currently experiencing economy recession and dollar scarcity.Myself and my twin brother came into the United States with $1000 for both accommodation and feeding. We both did not get scholarship or a tuition waver, we were always thinking about getting a job, my first point of contact was Ms.Ann Hartunian the international office Administrative Assistant, she told me and twin brother that "we should go to the career service and create an account with them". We both did as she instructed and that same day we applied for so many jobs on hand shake, after a week we both got a call from the TAMUCC University Center and we were asked to come for interview and that how we both got employed.

Through career service my brother has been able to get a graduate assistant position in his department by going for the mock interview and also resume review where has has learned a lot about how to answer interview questions and also talk fluently and slowly. I am also hoping to get a graduate assistant position as I am well prepared for any interview I get.

Through career service I am able to educate people in my county on how to write an award winning resume and also talking intelligently during interview. Career service is the best.

Advice: Firstly , always check Hand Shake everyday.
Secondly , go for a resume review with the career counselors. They are always available and willing to help.
Thirdly, do not wait till you get an interview before going for mock interview, always go there when you have new ideas you need to share with your career counselor.
Lastly, apply for the job between 2-3 days if possible same day.