I Got The Professional Job!

Name: Melina P.

Major: Finance

Graduation: December 2011

Story:I simply wanted to thank you for being my career counselor throughout my interview process. I am pleased to notify you that I received an offer for an Audit Associate position beginning January 2012 only fifteen minutes after my departure from the office. I am very excited about finally beginning my career and moving to the big city of Houston. As a first-generation college student, I can honestly say that Career Services has made a great contribution in helping me launch my career. I will especially value all of your helpful advice about positive thinking and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to have you as my career counselor. I will continue to work very hard towards developing myself as a TAMUCC success story.


Name: Courtney Hall

Major: Kinesiology

Graduation: August 2007

Story: Like many other students, I held down part-time jobs like waiting tables while going to school. As my graduation date started to get closer and closer, I started to get worried about my lack of experience in a formal business setting. With the help of Kris and the Career Services office I got to practice my interview skills with a videotaped mock interview and had also sent them my resume for critique and revision. This REALLY calmed my nerves and within 2 months after graduation I landed a job in Washington D.C. working for ATK, a midsize defense firm that makes rocket motors or NASA and is the number one supplier of ammunition to the military. This job is outside my degree but with the speaking/interviewing skills I now have, its a breeze when meeting CEOs and Congressmen.

Advice:Take advantage of the career services. It took me until my senior year to set up the mock interview and while I was VERY nervous, Kris had asked me questions that the VP of my company ended up asking in my interview. I WAS PREPARED!!