Other Success

Name: Kathy Herrera

Major: Education

Graduation: 2009

Story: I hadn’t updated my resume since I got my first job on campus right out of high school, but I still thought that I had a good resume. Then a Career Counselor came and spoke in my class. Even though I am not graduating for a year, I decided to make an appointment and have them look at it. The counselor took time to help me figure out what was important for me to include on my resume and how to really show people what my strengths are. After visiting with a counselor at Career Services, my resume is absolutely amazing and something that I am really proud to share with others

Advice: I think everyone should go there and see what Career Services has to offer.


Major: Computer Science


Graduation: 2009

Story: When I started college my resume was full of unnecessary information, and really needed help. My Career Counselor helped me revamp my resume.